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Heated zip top by TODDIS, made of insulated heather fabric featuring lightweight heating elements, delivered in a cute and clean girly design.

The GLAMOROUS SKIER heated zip top for women is made of tech fabric designed to keep temperatures nice and comfortable regardless of external conditions due to its soft but saturated brushed texture and protective properties. The fabric is very elastic and is able to simulate the wearer’s body movement effortlessly, making it an easy choice for any physical activity that lasts for more than a mere hour.

The zip top boasts a heating system that utilizes carbon fiber heating pads intended to deliver warm comfort of up to 50°C to the wearer in about 2 minutes.

Ideal for heat preservation in extreme conditions, this charming zip top is both tremendously functional and very attractive, making it ideal for any situation – be it fitness, yoga, jogging or some serious winter sports activities.

The GLAMOROUS SKIER is available exclusively in creamy Frulato.

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This stylish piece of smart clothing is designed to support any outdoor activity by extending warmth right up your back via a simple but efficient heating system, made of 4 elements:

  • start/stop button
  • external battery (power bank)
  • TWO carbon fibre heating pads
  • USB cable to connect the battery and the heating system

The top provides comfort during your daily outdoor routine, while being extra warm due to the fabric used to craft it. It also looks utterly amazing on any girl’s body shape or size, so you’re guaranteed to check all the necessary boxes when you leave the house – comfort, flexibility and confidence.

Never complain of being cold again with our safe and easy-to-use heating system

You only need a single standard Power Bank that can be plugged in your right pocket’s USB connector cable. You can then choose between three temperature levels of 40°C, 45°C or 50°C. The two carbon heated pads on the back of the garment will keep you warm for at least 4 hours, but can last for up to 10 depending on the Power Bank’s configuration.

NOTE: Power Bank not included.

Key features:

  • Brushed
  • Thermal protection
  • Two heating zones on the back
  • Three levels of warm comfort: 40°C – 45°C – 50°C
  • Up to 10 hours of heating depending on the Power Bank voltage, power and output current

Design features:

  • Perfect fit
  • Soft
  • Stand-up collar
  • Raglan sleeve
  • Excellent coverage
  • Shape retention
  • Two-way stretch

» Model is 165cm in height and weights 55kg. Wearing size S.


Additional information

Weight N/A



Regular to Fitted


90% Polyamide; 10% Lycra

Fabric Properties

∙ Brushed
∙ Thermal protection
∙ Perfect fit
∙ Soft
∙ UV protection
∙ Excellent coverage
∙ Shape retention

Carbon Fibre Heating Elements

∙ Two carbon fibre heating pads (17×17 cm. at lower back and 8×12 cm. at upper back).
∙ Material: Composite carbon fiber heating wire + Non-woven fabric.
∙ Flexible, soft, washable, durable, wateproof and longlasting.

Wash & Care

Wash by hand in warm water with mild detergent. For more details see instructions on care label.

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