One purpose. One vision.

Smart TODDIS is the stylish way to brave the cold.

Our mission is to provide enthusiast explorers with a safe house wrapped around their own bodies. A fashionable facade that’s well worth your watery winter gaze. Our heated tops are elegant and practical, and our heating  technology is simple, but efficient. We utilize freely available heating solutions and best in the class Italian fabric.

Why this combination?

Because we believe that everything should serve its purpose. A heated winter coat must provide reliability and endurance under any circumstance. A piece of clothing must embody the wearer and never look dull or feel cheap.

Simple, efficient and safe

Our apparels feature heating elements in the form of carbon fiber pads, normally positioned at the back of the garment. Our products use standard USB technology to connect an external Power Bank with a minimum output of 2A to the heating pads via a cable usually found in the left pocket. You only need to power up a charged Power Bank and plug in the USB cable. You then have the option to switch between three different heating levels of 50°C/122°F, 45°C/113°F and 40°C/104°F via a button found on the external side of the top. Press and hold the button to switch the system on and click once to switch between the different heating levels. The pads will heat up to the maximum temperature in about a minute or two.

See how our heated tops work:

Our heating pads ensure warmth for up to 10 hours depending on the usage and external temperatures. But hardcore trekkers and skiers can carry an extra Power Bank or use a higher capacity battery to prolong the cozy times.

We recommend using a minimum of 5V, 2A Power Banks with a capacity of 8,000-10,000 mAh to get the best results out of your Smart TODDIS apparel.

Classy and Comfortable

Our clothes are of simple, yet modern design. We emphasize the quality of the fabric and its function over a flashy presentation that would leave you looking dapper, but moving like a brick through the snow.

Our fiber-processing technology combines polyamide, polyester and Lycra in order to achieve a sporty feel to our garments that relieves all stress from the wearer and leaves them focused on their mind, rather than their body.

Our materials are lightweight and elastic, but also insulated and solar protected. The fabric’s properties are especially designed to keep explorers comfortable and safe on long treks. Some of the features include anti-bacteria protection, UV protection (UPF 50+) and moisture management, while others are hydrophilic and extremely stretchable.

For our design, we focus on classic winter wear features, such as raglans sleeves, cozy stand-up collars and durable YKK zippers. However, you’ll also find our tops to be elegantly shaped with decorative seams in sleek aerodynamic cuts.

Let’s just say your crush won’t be disappointed if you happen to bump into them on your way home from a mountain trip.


Smart TODDIS is a brand of Modak Ltd. – a company with over 25 years of experience in the sportswear industry and a proven track record of delivering high-quality clothing to happy customers around the world.

Originating from a country with winter temperatures well below 0°C, Smart TODDIS was created to innovate and to share a passion for winter sports and exploration with the millions of fans around the world.

Our inspiration stems from the huge winter sports fan base in Bulgaria and its many ski resorts that are packed with international tourists well beyond December and February.

As vivid skiers ourselves, we know what it’s like to climb a steep hill on foot to get to that off-limits peak, where the true challenge awaits. The thrill is unexplainable to the uninitiated, but we get it. We do.

And we know that we share the same passion for adventure with you, our customers.

So next time you’re in for a winter holiday, don’t hesitate to write to us for advice on your destination. We are as interested in hearing about your ideas, as we’d be excited to share ours.

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